Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to dotLRN Governance

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Neophytos: I feel that the marketing and general information about dotLRN should be on the dotLRN site but the technical and development areas should be on the site (as posted above and in the other thread). OpenACS and dotLRN  should not drift apart. I want OpenACS to benifit from dotLRN as much as possible and vice versa. dotLRN is a subset of OpenACS and having development and discussion take place on (which as mentioned above OF hosts) would help promote cross pollination between dotLRN and OpenACS (it would also serve to promote OpenACS as a platform).

As you know Simon has started a thread on OpenACS governance on the OpenACS boards (although I think Don was wise to move for postponing it until after 4.6 so that all can stay focused... in any case I think everyone needs some time to recover from the dotLRN discussion).

Neophytos, once again I want to emphasize that dotLRN governance has little to do with the OpenACS governance (other than the fact that we would like to see leaders from OpenACS as members of the dotLRN TAB and as dotLRN gatekeepers... see Ben and Don).

As far as the selection of the TAB... as Al mentioned above this is something that Don needs to decide on (another thread might be in order) and I believe it is in good hands. Part of this decision has to take the individuals interests in getting involved with online learning software (an eLearning toolkit if you will) into consideration... this will involve a different focus than that of OpenACS. Please keep this in mind.

Jon:  Thank you for your offer, I will contact you with questions. I am aware of work that has already been done... it seems that the internationalization job will mainly consist of consolidating various efforts from the past. I hope to win other peoples help (eventually I hope we can win your help in this area as well Neophytos... among other things internationalized search is also important and your intimate knowledge of OpenFTS is very valuable for all).