Forum .LRN Q&A: Where should dotLRN info be hosted?

Posted by Dan Chak on
Just to bring this discussion back to Al's question for a moment:

Where should the dotLRN bug tracker reside? More generally, where should the developer community for dotLRN reside? Should it be within the OpenACS web site?

It's best here to put yourself in the shoes of someone from the future who has not been following all this debating (Imagine I am that person). If I download dotLRN from the dotLRN website (which makes sense so far), when I run into a problem, I will return back to the dotLRN website (common sense move), expecting helpful information about dotLRN to reside there. That means a FAQ, forums, and maybe even a bugtracker.

It would be very unlikely that I, a random person from the future who has not been reading all this debate, would spontaneously decide to check the website (and not the dotLRN website) when I run into a problem with dotLRN. The decision of where to put dotLRN related information should be motivated by *What makes Sense to a User*, and that is keeping dotLRN information on the dotLRN website.