Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to AOLserver and OpenACS

Posted by carl garland on
I think I should point out that when I was refering to the AOLserver community what I mean currently is the AOLserver module making community. There is a clear separation between the folks who make the core server at AOL and those members of the community that develop modules although the community does submit patches to the core that are *sometimes* incorporated back into the main tree. This is unfortunate but simply the case so
Why not have both in site. can point to their subsite.

this is not what I was trying to ask for. is under the control of Digital City and what happens there is out of our control. However there is much model work that is redundant because there is no clear coordination/communication between the module developers. A single tent (possibly subsite hosted here) would really help push the AOLserver module platform to more efficient development. Down the line Scott G has very ambition plans to make the core capable of being much more than the HTTP application server of today but that discussion is for another time.