Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to dotLRN on .NET - dotLRN EB

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

Okay.... this is the more objective Carl from the dotLRN EB speaking:

When and if these funds come into play for dotLRN I want the TAB and gatekeeper to step in (because this is to a large extent a technical decision). I am confident that the strong OpenACS representation that is crystallizing in the technical leadership of dotLRN (Ben, Don, Dan, Lars, and ....) would make the best decision for both dotLRN and OpenACS inevitable.

Do not be mistaken, I will voice my concerns, my opinions, and my arguments in such matters, yet I must act on what the TAB recommends. I see the position that Al has given to me as a lever outside of the MIT sphere... one that keeps the interests of the greater dotLRN and OpenACS communities up front until a stable consortium forms. I also see my role in making sure that the TAB recommendation is heard and does not interfere with the interests and concerns of the users of dotLRN (represented through the UAB).