Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Using [incr Tcl] with AOLserver

Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
I contacted Neophytos as Dan W. suggested after being unable to find xotcl information either here or on the aolserver list. Neophytos replied:
First of all, XOTcl *is* thread safe -- Zoran made sure that it is. All you have to do in order to use xotcl under aolserver is to apply a simple patch on your aolserver source code, replace namespace.tcl with the file provided in the patch, and copy another xotcl-specific file in the patch under your modules/tcl directory. The patch is available on the xotcl website with detailed information.

Zoran has been using XOTcl for his company projects and it is also used by Gustaf Neumann and his students/collaborators at the University of Economics and Business Administration (WU) in Vienna, Austria. I've been using XOTcl for the past few months (since Feb'02) and I plan to use more of XOTcl for the development of a new-system that I've designed this summer.

... You might also want to join the xotcl mailing list (low-traffic) or contact Gustaf and Zoran -- both are very friendly and they have intimate knowledge about systems development.

The patch Neophytos mentions is available at the xotcl download page. Here is the readme.