Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Suggested change to the API browser

Posted by Roberto Mello on
We should make a lisst of these vertical apps and those wanting to build them.

I for one, would like to build dotLUG ((GNU/)Linux Users Group) on OpenACS. Everything that's needed to maintain a LUG is already in OpenACS, perhaps with the exception of a Cookbook package, which I'm already working on.

Perhaps we should call it dotUG (for Users Group) instead.

dotHacker would be great. I'm just afraid that the current trend of calling these vertical apps "dotTHIS" and "dotTHAT" (especially dotHACKER) is going to bring some marketing problems, since the "dot" immediatelly gives the impression of some based on or trying to ride on the hype wave of billions of M$ marketing for .NET (when in fact none of our applications currently make use of any of the .NET stuff, with the marginal exception of XML for the query dispatcher).

dotLRN is a different thing since Sloan came up with the name, but I would like to ask if we are that creatively-impaired that we can't come up with names that won't start with "dot". Unless people are really trying to ride on the .NET hype.