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Hello All,

I'm having some problems getting bug-tracker working on my system. I
downloaded the CVS version that was referrenced in this thread:

This gave me a package directory which I put under "packages" and
using the APM installed as usual. I was able to get the inital page,
I can get the admin page, anything else results in a failed page with
plenty of code. Lars pointed out from the errors that it seems the
slashes at the end of the fields in the .tcl pages and since it is
working for others and not me, I've decide to do a "do over", I've
tried to uninstall it and this fails and doesn't really work very
well. It's currently installed at if you
care to look and let me know what you think.

I'm looking for an .apm and would like to remove all traces of the
current package. Then I would like to install from a formal .apm .

If this won't work, then we can get into the actual errors I received
and maybe we can work through those.

Thanks for any help you can offer,

Posted by Lars Pind on

I apologize, there was a stupid error in the sql/postgresql/bug-tracker-drop.sql script that caused it to fail. If you update that file from CVS and try to delete the package again with the package manager, you should succeed.

I've made an APM available from

I've just installed bug-tracker, created a couple of bugs, deleted it again, and it worked for me here.


Posted by Gilbert Price on
Thanks Lars,

When I get home today I'll give it a try.

Thanks for all of your help,

Posted by Gilbert Price on
Well here we are at 12:18AM and it's finally installed from the .apm just like it should.

I'm guessing my earlier attempts to remove it created a partial removal, therefore the upgraded drop script didn't work. After learning how to use psql to display table data, I was able to find all occurances of bug-tracker in all the applicable tables. After deleting all the applicable rows by hand, I was able to install the .apm in just a couple of minutes.

Boy, have I learned alot about Postgresql and the OpenACS data model tonight.

Thanks Lars for all your help, I'll start tracking some issues I have with a couple open-source (non-OACS) projects I'm involved with in bug-tracker.

Thanks again,

Posted by Lars Pind on
Glad to hear that it worked.

Otherwise, if you run the drop script from the shell like "psql mydb < bug-tracker-drop.sql", it may give you errors, but it'll still remove everything it's supposed to remove, so you won't need to hand-edit.


Posted by Jon Griffin on
I think the APM should be modified to add an option to continue with errors. I will add this feature to my list.