Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to .LRN can now be installed automatically with the help of tclwebtest

We (Infiniteinfo) have been actively testing (via our QA department) the postgres version for a few weeks now.  Though it's more because it's a paying job so we have our hands full here.  Our base install, with customizations, are also being tested by the client before they launch officially.  So we also get bug reports from them.  I'm making sure that patches/fixes to the bugs we found on the stock install are being submitted to appropriate persons.  That's why there's a slew of fixes and bug reports both on the dotLRN forum and the openforce dotLRN bug tracker from our end.  We just can't deliver a consolidated bug list of all the bugs we encountered because we fix them right away on our end, that's why I tend to report them in bits and pieces.