Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to .LRN can now be installed automatically with the help of tclwebtest

Peter - great that tclwebtest is useful for you!

Something like your scripts would be extremely nice to have for the OpenACS toolkit as well, unfortunately we never got around on making that happen. Maybe after you post your scripts ...

I'd be particular interested in if/how you manage dependencies, e.g. is there an install-package.test, mount-package.test, do-stuff.test, do-some-more-stuff.test, delete-package-instance.test, uninstall-package.test kind of chaining, where it's possible to say that some tests can only happen after other tests (particularly with site-wide stuff, such as creating test users), or is it just a huge ordered list of tests that get executed one after each other?

Having dependencies would make it more reliably possible to take out sequences, e.g. for a single package, and run them without having to go through the whole install process over and over, I guess (maybe it's much easier in practice, hopefully you'll be able to tell us ;-)

My apologies for not putting up a newer release. I hope in the near future I'll have a bit more time and look into it again.

FYI, there is also this OpenACS package in new-file-storage, that acts as a web frontend for tclwebtest: