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Posted by John Sequeira on

Thanks for bringing that up.  Petru was talking about implementing a fastcgi server interface in AOLServer.  This would require absolutely no rewriting of AOLServer,  but would still place a heavy reliance on dedicated folks like Jamie (who's porting AOLServer 4.x to Win32) to keep it truly portable.

I'm talking about rewriting openacs to separate the web listener/server pieces from the rest of the code base.  In other words,  implement openacs in a pure TCL version,  on top of the existing TCL/FastCGI server implementation.

(see )

This means extreme portability-- the ability to run anywhere using one of several native FastCGI implementations,  or worst case,  using a CGI->FastCGI bridge if necessary.

It's radical,  but I think given Michael's work referenced above,  potentially realistic.