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55: Response to nsjava staus (response to 1)
Posted by John Sequeira on
Michael F.,

In considering a port to mod_(d)tcl,  you have to confront the same major issues of moving to FastCGI:  separating AOLServer idioms (esp. those not covered by nstcl) from the OpenACS source code.  Once you've removed them and are in the land of pure TCL,  you're not looking at a lot of work to go with mod_tcl.  I'm still getting a feel for what the big crucial AOLServer dependencies are (hence my post),  so while I don't think it'd be a huge amount of work,  I also don't think it falls under the 'right now' timeframe (as much as I'd like).

Simon,  the architectural separation I propose is a very important step when considering the use of a Java/TCL implementation.  The more AOLServer-isms sprinked in your code,  the more work you'd sign up for such a reimplementation.  The decoupling of logic and webserving is much closer to the servlets approach, AFAIK.  Also,  the KM/webdav implementation I referred to was done using Intraspect/JPython.  The combination of scripting and java was pretty slick.

FWIW,  here's a writeup I found on fastCGI/TCL.