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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
John, Michael Cleverly nstcl is indeed very cool, but given that it's a pure Tcl emulation layer using soley Tcl lists and the like to implement APIs which, in AOLserver, are implemented in C, I would be surprised if it's performance even approachs the native AOLserver implementation. Not that that's necessasrily a show stopper - after all, if there was sufficient interest, some of nstcl's guts could be replaced with C code, etc.

And as long as we're talking about interoperability and code reuse:

It would be very nice to refactor the real AOLserver connection pooling database and driver code into a library that could be embeded nicely into tclsh as well as AOLserver. Or into other C code for that matter, R or Scsh, for instance. That's something I've thought about, but so far never looked into to try to decide if it's feasible (and I'm not familiar with the AOLserver database driver internals anyway).

For that matter, Aapache 2.0 still doesn't have database connection pooling. Maybe a dual-mode AOLserver + Apache hacker like Todd could give it to them, I dunno.