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Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
I'm planning on being an early adopter of native Win32 PostgreSQL once it is ready, but I unfortunately don't have time to devote to testing it right now. I'm sure most people here are similarly busy - I don't think many people are testing AOLserver 4 on the various platforms either, despite the fact that it has been in beta for many months. I know that the PostgreSQL folks were planning on making a GUI installer for it, which should be very helpful.

I'm still planing to release and maintain an installer for AOLserver 4 for Win32 shortly after it goes final. Keeping up with the server core isn't that difficult, but trying to keep up with all of the modules is (more information on this). A good example would be nsjava - I have no idea what it needs, if anything, to make it work on Win32, I just haven't had time to look. All of the modules currently needed for OpenACS are there though. Anyone who wants to try it out today can get the installer from I'm using a newer pthreads-enabled version of the CVS HEAD on my test machine, but I haven't made an installer for it yet. There are also a few fixes needed for OpenACS that I haven't had time to write them up yet. (I'm seeing a pattern develop here. :-)

I think John is right about the AOLserver community needing a bootstrap. (Not just AOLserver on Windows.) Several people in the AOLserver community have been discussing this lately, and I think the pieces are slowly starting to come together. I think you'll see some AOLserver advocacy work start in conjuction with the 4.0 release.