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Posted by Ben Koot on
I am just starting to play with openACS 4. I understand there must
have been important reasons why certain functionality is no longer
present, but I can imagine I am not the only one missing some
options. I will be adding more notes to this thread as my exploration

1. Bboard: In ACS 3 I have been using the file/immage upload to liven
up my forum, without having to fuss with transforming html of
pictures. I could simply browse my harddisc, add an image extension,
and would be pasted into the message. My members realy appreciate
this option as it brushes up text only pages. The new bboard offers
this also but does not add it to my message. It only shows it as
attachement. It would be great to have the acs 3 function back.
Alternatively the additional page that is created with just the
picture, could be used for additonal text, but I would prefer the old

2. News: The news module totaly lacks the add image function, and it
also does no longer allow readers to add a comment. Any chance of
getting that back ?


Posted by Ben Koot on
The news module allows add a text file. Wouldn't it be usefull to suport other file formats, for example Word and open office. I assume the majority of users will not store their documents as text file, but rather as word docs. A word doc is not presented readable. What's the benefit?
Posted by Roberto Mello on

Regarding bboard, if showing attachments inline is not a setting in the package manager, it should be straight-forward to add it as an option. I understand you're starting on OpenACS (welcome!) so you could just nag someone to do it for you 😊

Regarding news, it does allow comments. I can't remember if it's a setting on the package manager, but it does allow comments. See this news item for example:

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Ben, make sure the general-comments package is installed and mounted.
5: News comments in OpenACS 4 (response to 1)
Posted by Roger Williams on
In #2 above, I found this to be a permissions problem.