Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to .LRN can now be installed automatically with the help of tclwebtest

I have cleaned up the install scripts and made them available via CVS:

cvs -d checkout dotlrn-install

Currently .LRN is installed from scratch and a couple of users are added. What I would like to do next is set up terms, departments and classes etc.

Tilman, I am not tracking dependencies at the moment, that is something we should think about though. Right now my test scripts all build upon eachother so if one fails I want to abort all testing.

The idea about checking out an up-to-date version of TclWebTest is good, I didn't find the time to add that though.

I had two issues with TclWebTest when adding users. First of all TclWebTest doesn't seem to support file uploading. The other problem I had was that TclWebTest seems to select options in an HTML select based on labels rather than the value attribute. Tilman - would this be hard to change?