Forum OpenACS Q&A: The TCL Plug In

Posted by defunct defunct on
Should the OpenACS project take the TCL PlugIn on board?

Some time ago a Netscape/IE plug in was developed to allow TCL 'applets' and so forth within a browser.
This plug in was (and still is to an extent) a neat little addition for all you TCL developers out there.

However, as time has gone by its not been updated all that much and needs some work to bring it up to date with current browsers. And the question is, should this community bring it 'on-board'.

The PRO's
Although for most websites you wouldn't want the user dependant on downloading this, many systems also have an Admin interface or a set of non-ordinary-user screens. These screens (CMS is probably a good example) are often required to be more complex and interactive that ordinary user screens. Furthermore, with such screens you usually have better control and a good idea of what browsers etc must be supported, and the env. in which they will work. Therefore in this case the plug in may add some real value to the offering.

Well, maintaining the plug in really

So what does everyone think? Its seems a real shame to let this useful little tool go wasted, and it may help to alleviate and ease the development of geneuinely usuable admin interfaces...


Posted by Christian Eva on
Simon, I agre very much with you. I did some testing with the plugin two years ago and found it remarkebly well working. I stopt to use it because at the time I had problems with it serving more than one browser window. When I wanted to pick up the issue again this year I found the plugin totally abandoned, so I stayed away from it.
I would emphasise the community to take it on board as it could be a really good feature together with OACS. I could maybe volunteer in some aspects of further integration if we get some more interest!
Thanks Christian Eva
PS: I am just to start to use OACS for a first application.
Posted by Michael A. Cleverly on
I'd suggest anyone interested in the the Tcl Plugin check the comp.lang.tcl newsgroup archives for the past couple of weeks.  There has been some discussion about revitalizing it there.