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Posted by Michael A. Cleverly on
I've seen other forum posts talking about people running OpenACS on the beta versions of Postgres 8.2. Now that PG 8.2 has been released I tried installing OpenACS 5.2.3 and die at this same point:

QUERY: select acs_object_id_seq.nextval from dual
CONTEXT: PL/pgSQL function "acs_object__new" line 17 at SQL statement
PL/pgSQL function "authority__new" line 38 at assignment

invoked from within
"db_source_sql_file -callback apm_ns_write_callback acs-kernel-create.sql"
(procedure "install_do_data_model_install" line 7)
invoked from within

I guess I'll try downgrading to Postgres 8.0 and see if I have better luck.

4: Re: .LRN installation (response to 3)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

you have to change a few configuration parameters in postgresql.conf to activate backward compatibility.


I use OpenACS with 8.2