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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
John, your business arguments mostly make sense to me, but I'm confused about one thing. You seem to be talking about being able to eliminate AOLserver entirely from the OpenACS application stack and replace it with mod_nsd, mod_tcl, mod_dtcl, or something like that, with this something maybe running under FastCGI, maybe not. Why?

Why wouldn't you just want to implement Patru Paler's idea and extend AOLserver so that it can run as an app server under FastCGI, and use Apache, IIS, Zeus, or whatever other webserver you want to talk to AOLserver over the FastCGI protocol?

Yes, you're still running AOLserver, but solely as an "application server", which I believe just captured all the business/marketing benefit from your arguments. Now, it's not certain that adding FastCGI support is technically feasible. There are concerns about AOLserver's lack of a protocol module, for example, which were brought up in the thread above. But assuming it can in fact be done, would this approach of using AOLserver solely as an app server not make more sense than eliminating it altogether?

Or are you saying that some customer is really going to be happy running Apache + mod_fastcgi + mod_our_kludgy_replacement_for_AOLserver, but refuse completely to run Apache + mod_fastcgi + AOLserver? Or what am I missing here?