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92: Response to nsjava staus (response to 1)
Posted by John Sequeira on

I think Petru's AOLServer-as-FastCGI server would be fine at a lot of places,  most in fact.  I'm not arguing that mod_crummy would be better technically :-).  There are two reasons why what I propose,  while more work for less performance (*ugh* gotta work on that sales pitch),  is desirable from a big-picture perspective:

The AOLServer dependency limits you with respect to platform (db/os) support and tcl standard package support.  A c-based fastcgi->nsd bridge still has a bunch of dependencies that come along for the ride,  which the community hasn't historically been able to maintain.

If you want to bring OpenACS to the Apache and Win32 communities,  I'm arguing that you'll get over the hurdle of convincing people you'll be around for the long haul if your only portability dependency were TCL,  you had native TCL db support,  and you had the exponentially larger TCL community supporting you.