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96: Response to nsjava staus (response to 1)
Posted by carl garland on
I tend to agree with almost all of John recent post with the exception that initially I think it may pull some of the development away from AOLserver community. Of course developers can work on what interests them and this temporary sidetrack may end up bringing more people to the community and have a better long term effect on AOLserver. As far as protocol support I know through talking with Scott G. that one of his primary goals in the upcoming months (after 4.0) release is too take the AOLserver core and make it so *much* more. Adding additional protocol support is one of his major projects I think he is mainly waiting on the 4.0 release. Of course it would be nice if more of the AOLserver coders were in on this thread but I think the OpenACS community is close to its own release and I hesitate even posting thinking it may draw away attention that may be spent elsewhere currently. Don't want to be a distraction.