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101: Response to nsjava staus (response to 1)
Posted by Michael Feldstein on
If John and Michael want to work on nstcl/pseude-nsd, I think that's great. I don't imagine a mass migration from AOLServer but, as Michael points out, it may very well facilitate migration *to* AOLServer. For the same reasons, I think it's fantastic news that the mod_tcl owners are interested in building a bridge to AOLServer. What can we do to facilitate that happening?

I agree with all of Lars' points about what's desireable for the platform in the long-run but, as Don points out, we might be able to achieve the goals that Lars enumerates by growing the AOLServer community (which would also, BTW, make a potential OpenNSV fork more viable should that be necessary).

It's a good idea to look at AOLServer alternaatives as ways of easing people into the AOLServer community in the short-run. If, in the long-run, one of these projects leads down a path to a platform that more of the hard-core community can look at and be tempted by it, that would be great. But we don't have to assume that will happen in order to see the value in investigating AOLServer alternatives.