Forum OpenACS Development: Response to What we telll other users about you

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
I argue that having this information about users is the most valuable part of OpenACS (although I agree that the output you use as an example is very verbose and not very useful unlinked... which can be changed). You should look at the page "what we tell other users about you" as a resource for community builders that can be tapped as needed to tell more about individuals of the community. We are talking community software Ben... removing the links between user and contributions for the sake of simplicity would be a major mistake. To promote community there must be a way for members to get to know one another and what a better way to get to know one another online than over contributions? Supporting ways for individuals to get to know other members of the group is important. A community suffers otherwise. Of course in some situations you must be careful about what you (as a community builder) share about your users (which makes the fact that the data is unlinked a safe default). I would like to point you to the "Community building vs. privacy in online learning(1)" discussion on the dotLRN boards as an example of such a situation. My conclusion: I think what you are looking for is an option to modify the display of this data without having to modify code, I am correct?