Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ANN: OpenACS CVS Commits now on forums

Posted by Roberto Mello on

Yes, some markup would be good, but that's easy to add and I figured I could do it after I got some sleep 😊 If you have some suggestions for the markup, I'll add it right now.

Commits per packages seem good, but since Forums has no categorization, we'd have to either have a different forum for each package (way too much) or a different thread for each package (more feasible). I just ran out of time list night, but it's really simple to do the latter with  the way CVS handles these log infos and the way I wrote the script.

Don, thanks 😊

We can put the commits for any of the CVS modules we have in CVS (e.g. openacs-4, ns_xmlrpc) in any forum, and even in different forums depending on the module (cool eh?).

The problem with the qmail thing would be that I'd have to make a slightly different load_qmail_queue function than the one that is in the notifications package.

That function would scan the incoming queue of a certain user and insert the mail coming through. This would have the advantage that I could have used the perl script as it was. The problem is that I'd have to figure out a way to stop people from sending mail to that account and getting that mail automatically inserted into the forum.

In any way I'd have to partly rewrite the script, so rewriting the script and hooking straight into the database would give us much more flexibility.

As per your general comments idea, I hadn't thought of that. Were you thinking of adding commit messages per module as comments on the bug tracker? What about notifications?