Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ANN: OpenACS CVS Commits now on forums

Posted by Jeff Davis on
Here is what I think I would like to see on the subject:
strip the leading openacs-4/packages, leave out "commit by" and add number of files committed. Which would make much easier to parse.

Here is the code for that...

regsub openacs-4/packages/ $modulepath {} subject
append subject "([llength $files] files) $author"

I am inclined to leave off the per file status since I think it adds a lot of useless verbiage. I don't know what other people think on this one.

So after highlighting what we want to scan for this page
would look more like:

bug-tracker/www (2 files) lars OpenACS CVS System Aug 29 2002 11:15:12

Author:	lars
Update of /cvsroot/openacs-4/packages/bug-tracker/www

Modified Files:
	bug-add.tcl index.tcl 
Log Message:
Added url-name to components, plus a URL shortcut, and email-subject-name to projects

And, yes, it is cool :) I did not mean to nitpick anyone to death. It's also great to have a good example of nstcl in the code base. Maybe we should put the script in the tree as part of openacs-4 as an example so people can easily do such things on their own projects.