Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to CVS gurus: Revert to imported version

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Now I want to those changes to go away, and the vendor branch to override anything on the trunk.
Suppose you have a checkout from the cvs HEAD in /web/dev and that there are no uncommitted changes in this checkout. Suppose further that you tagged your second import of the vendor code with the tag VendorImport2.

Say you want to revert readme.txt. Then you should do

cd /web/dev
cvs update -j HEAD -j VendorImport2 readme.txt
This command does two things: generates the patch and applies it to your working copy. You can check for correctness by doing a regular diff against the latest vendor version. When everything looks okay, commit the file
cvs commit -m "Reverting to latest vendor code." readme.txt