Forum OpenACS Q&A: Authenticated SMTP and mailhost param for aolserver?


The "mailhost" parameter in the aolserver ini file is used to specify a remote mailhost.

I wonder how to specify a mailhost or SMTP service that requires password authentication. Can somoene help me to specify that in the ini file?


I don't think you can specify it in the ini file.  The ns_sendmail command is implemented in TCL - look at /tcl/sendmail.tcl in your AOLserver home directory.  You can only specify the parameters smtphost, smtpport, and smtptimeout.  The function doesn't appear to have any code to negotiate an authentication.

I've only glanced at the RFCs, but it looks like a general solution could be hard.  Do you know what AUTH string your server is sending?  (i.e. What authentication mechanisms does it support?)  Also, I don't know if this is possible, but could you set up a mail program on the localhost?

If you don't get any more authoritative answers here, you could also try emailing the AOLserver mailing list to see if someone has already done this / has a better idea.