Forum OpenACS Development: Proc to implement client-side of HTTP file uploads

While working on a package to interface (Open)ACS to the US Postal Services Mail-OnLine XML interface (see (mol-stage & both run AOLserver, btw) this evening, I needed to be able to do a post and upload a file. The existing util_httppost proc doesn't have this functionality (since it sends data as application/x-www-form-urlencoded, and not as multipart/form-data which rfc 1867 specifies), so I wrote a variation of it (util_http_file_upload) to handle file uploads.

I've uploaded file-upload-procs.tcl to the SDM. See patch #353. Hope someone else finds it useful. An equivalent version will be in the next release of nstcl.

I have committed this to CVS (in the utilities-procs.tcl file).