Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to font-family: monospace on text forums postings


I haven't tried the dotLRN Forums or OpenACS 4.x BBoard packages, so I
don't know if it has this feature, but back in the old ACS 2.0 Ticket
Tracker (and possibly in the ACS 3.2 Ticket Tracker as well, I don't
recall), there was an option to submit "preformatted" text.  This was
simply plain text with all linebreaks other whitespace preserved
exactly, as you might send in an email, and was HUGELY usefull,
because if you needed to line up columns of text in order to show
something clearly, "preformatted" guaranteed that they would in fact
line up, just like traditional text-only email.  That, of course,
requires a monospaced font.

IMNSHO, all OpenACS text submission boxes should have three options:
HTML, plain text (like the 3.x BBoard), and preformatted plain text
(monospaced, all formatting preserved, like ACS 2.0 Ticket Tracker).