Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Looking for a web photo solution, for mom....

Posted by Jeff Davis on
I actually have a postgres version working which handles
most image types, has bulk upload and bulk edit (including rotation), fixes a bunch of
long standing photo-album bugs, has hooks for printing at
shutterfly (almost working), will load from the server
filesystem, and handles exif data from digital
images.  I don't pull out wav files from images and I have not
done anything with the UI but it is getting there.

I am trying to get something done today (which will likely carry
over to next week) but am hoping to finish off the postgres side and
hopefully get the oracle version working which would mean I could
check it in to CVS.

You can try it out what I have now at (but keep in mind this is
my test server so I will be nuking it periodically and things break).
Its also on a dsl line so bandwidth back to you is not great.