Forum OpenACS Development: Novice question about typecasting function parameters in postgresql

Hi, I'm trying to get up to snuff on creating apps using openACS and am running into trouble with typecasting postgresql functions. I was just trying to do basically the same thing as the add-edit for the notes application but use a different table with a name and description fields instead of title and body fields. But I get the following message when trying to add a new item:
[06/Sep/2002:11:35:31][1147.4101][-conn1-] Notice: Querying '
        select template_product__new(
[06/Sep/2002:11:35:31][1147.4101][-conn1-] Error: Ns_PgExec: result 
status: 7 message: ERROR:  Function 'template_product__new(unknown, 
unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, timestamptz, unknown, unknown, 
unknown)' does not exist
	Unable to identify a function that satisfies the given 
argument types
	You may need to add explicit typecasts
The actual function is just a tweak of the one in the notes app (i.e.):
create function template_products__new 
returns integer as '
  p_product_id					alias for $1;       --
 default null
  p_owner_id					alias for $2;       --
 default null
  p_name					alias for $3;
  p_description					alias for $4;
  p_object_type					alias for $5;       --
 default ''template_product''
  p_creation_date				alias for $6;	
	-- default now()
  p_creation_user				alias for $7;	
	-- default null
  p_creation_ip					alias for $8;	
	-- default null
  p_context_id					alias for $9;	
	-- default null
  v_product_id					products.product_id%
	v_product_id := acs_object__new (

	insert into template_products
	  (product_id, owner_id, name, description)
	  (v_product_id, p_owner_id, p_name, p_description);

	PERFORM acs_permission__grant_permission(

I'm sure this is a simple thing but I can't see in the notes app where an explicit typecast is made so am not sure why it's giving me the error message. Any help would be appreciated.
You're going to hate my answer but don't feel bad ... I didn't see this until after I cut-and-pasted your example in and fiddled with it a few minutes trying to see why it wouldn't cast timestamp to timestamptz!

You defined the function as "template_products__new" yet called it as "template_product__new" ...

Arrgh.  Painful.  I don't hate the answer, I just hate that I asked the question.  Thanks.  Sorry to waste your time on something so menial!