Forum OpenACS Development: Response to who can help newbies using templating system

Posted by Ben Koot on
A good start could be :

How to Customize Your Site
If you want to customize the look of your website, the easiest way to start is to edit the template that gets wrapped around every page. The master template is the file /web/openacs-4/www/default-master.adp. An ADP file is almost like HTML, except with a few extra bells and whistles (learn more).

Why not add a few sample layouts, instead of dragging people deeper into a crash course on how the templatting systems works? Th e fiirst 2 questions newbies will have are :

1. How do I get rid of this default.
2. How do I add the modules I want to use.

Why not have a drop-downbox with available modules, and a section redirecting to automatic upload. That would also eliminate to much detailed discussion about the datamodel. All an end user is interested in is a choice of functionality. I feel this is something that's missing at he moment. I.e, if I need a Bbord, I sellect bboard, and it's available to my usergroup. In a simple setting a usergroup would translate back into a (corporate) website, so irespective of the design, a site manager could add fuctinality by adding a URL