Forum OpenACS Q&A: adp parser problems (most) solved.

Posted by Rajneesh Khugsal on
Thanks Mr. OldHam,
    It was the problem with the AOL Server. All the problems of
improper parsing of adp tags has now been resolved without even
touching a single line of code. All the things are working off
the shelf. I had worked for about a couple of weeks on this but
only part of the code used to work but now, I can not stop laughing.

    So the outcome is ACS version 4.2 with AOLServer3.0 and Oracle
8.1.6 has problems with the ADP fancy parser. The solution out is to
replace AOLServer3.0 with version 3.3 and most of the problems
associated with the <if></if> inside <multiple> tag disappear.

    Thanks again. 😊