Forum OpenACS Development: 4.6 release - status page available

Posted by Janine Ohmer on
If you're interested in seeing the task list for 4.6, head on over to and check
it out.

Folks who are on this list (hopefully you know who you are!), please
check it for accuracy and let me know if there are corrections to be
made.  I'm especially interested in knowing the status of each task.

You can post updates to this thread or send them to me by email
(  I'll start contacting people I haven't heard
from on Wednesday... (I'd better charge up that electric cattle prod
now! :)

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Things to Remember and Ticket Tracker Lite (not included in the status page) is done.  On wait mode for bug fixes.
Posted by Rafael Calvo on

Is dotLRN going to be part of 4.6?

What about calendar and other packages found in both?.

Posted by Janine Ohmer on

dotLRN is a separate product from OpenACS (though obviously it requires OpenACS) and has it's own release schedule.  And no, I don't know what that will be. :)  All I can say with reasonable confidence is that it can't be released before 4.6, since it doesn't work properly with 4.5 and you can't be telling people to go check out from CVS to install a released product.

As far as the duplicated packages go, as far as I know they will stay that way for the moment.  Packages that are part of dotLRN generally don't work outside it without work that there isn't time for.  I don't know what Don's future plans in this area are;  he's really the one who should answer this part of your question.

Posted by Dan Wickstrom on

I have finished converting the db api for templating and cms, and I'm currently working on openfts.  There is much more work to be done on openfts than I originally anticipated, so I don't think I will finish everything in time for the release dates that you're showing.  I've finished porting openfts, but there are two additional dictionary types for which I need to add support.  I've integrated the ispell dictionary support (thanks to Neophytos for contributing the code), and I need to add support for snowball stemmers.  Currently, Openfts really only has dictionary support for english via the porter stemming algorithm.  Adding ispell and snowball stemmer support will provide dictionary support for languages other than english, and I think it's more important than the other stuff that I signed up to do, so I'm going to continue on with the openfts work until I have a release ready.

Roberto had told me that he would handle the xml import/export item, but in light of the fact that his wife recently had a baby, I would be surprised if he finished it in time for the 4.6 release.  By the way Roberto, congratulations!