Forum OpenACS Q&A: System freezing trying to start OpenACS4

So here is my problem:
Starting the aolserver with the OpenACS4 I am getting something like
99% cpu usage and the things are not moving from that point. I saw
some similar problem mentioned here but in my case even after a long
time nothing changes. I look at the server error log and seems that
everything is going fine but when it starts with the queries the
system just gets overloaded.
May be just my computer is not enough powerful to handle it. I have
just 16Mb RAM and one Pentium I. This is the system I use trying to
test things.
Any help is welcome.
Posted by C. R. Oldham on
You could probably get by with a Pentium I but 16 MB of RAM won't handle it.  I'd guess you need at least 64 MB.  I ran an OpenACS 3.2.5 site on a Pentium I class motherboard with a K6/2-400 MHz upgrade and 128 MB of RAM for a long time and it's performance was perfectly adequate.  OpenACS 4.5 needs more RAM (depending on the number of packages you have installed).


Posted by Don Baccus on
16MB isn't going to cut it,  you're probably swapping your system to death.  Keep in mind that Oracle alone requires 256MB.  PostgreSQL has a much smaller footprint but expecting to run the RDBMS and webserver in 16MB is somewhat unrealistic.

My guess is that if you let it run overnight or for a day or so it would finish ...

Posted by Dimitar Dimitrov on
Thank you for the fast response. Now I can be sure where is the problem. These days I am going to set it up on other machine (a good one) and I hope that it will work.
Posted by Roberto Mello on
I've run OpenACS successfully on a Pentium I 133, but with 64 Mb of RAM. 16 Mb is really pushing the envelope.