Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to - please test/review

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Dave, I may well have just missed it, but how do you guys go about maintaining the new site, and just who is "you guys"? For example, now I know how to get the site code out of cvs, but what are your procedures for making changes? Is there a pointer to this sort of info anywhere?

E.g. Do you ssh to in order to edit stuff, and cvs commit from there? Or do you each have your own dev copy on you desktops, and do all edits and cvs commits from there? And if the later, who is responsible for updating to be current?

Once the new OpenACS 4.x site on goes live, do you plan to continue to use as a permanent shared "Dev" copy of the site, and periodically push new changes from Dev to Production? Or? (Note that I've no idea how Don and others have handled this with the old 3.x site...)

Btw, I do volunteer some of my time to help with coding on the new website. I guess I'll email you about that, but I figured the rest of this was of general interest...