Forum OpenACS Q&A: OACS versions vis-a-vis CVS tracking?

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Posted by Stan Kaufman on
What is the relationship between OACS 4.5 and the about to be released OACS 4.6 and the CVS root at

cvs checkout openacs-4

Is there only this single CVS root such that tracking CVS will smoothly move all the "4.5" code to "4.6"? Or is there a separate CVS root at that we should point at?

Sorry if this is a stooopid question, but a bit of explanation about how CVS is being run would be helpful in the "Where can I get OpenACS" sections of the site.

Posted by Don Baccus on
We branched 4.5 off and the 4.5 tarball is built off that branch (called "oacs-4-5-final" IIRC but don't hold me to it!).  We'll branch off 4.6 similarly when we decide to freeze code.