Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Windows Version of AOLServer

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
I'm not sure what your requirements are or what you mean by "support".  But the likely answer to your questions is, "No."

AOLserver 2.x on Windows is still being used on some production sites.  (Yikes.)  One person doing this has talked to me about upgrading to 4 and will probably do so once there is a stable release.

AOLserver 3.x for Windows is not being maintained by anyone and
is certainly not production quality for the reasons mentioned above
and in previous posts.  A few people are using it on laptops or for testing.  I don't know of any sites using it, but let me know if you find some!

I'm working on AOLserver 4 for Windows in my spare time.  It is pretty
stable and has many bug fixes, including those for uploading files.  OpenACS runs adequately but not perfectly on it.
I don't know of anyone who has tested OpenACS with AOLserver 4
on non-Windows platforms so I'm not entirely convinced that the current problems are Windows related.  (Some problems are known to be in OpenACS.  Hopefully these will get ironed out in time for OpenACS 4.7.)

Incidentally, TCL 8.4 was released on September 10th
So hopefully AOLserver 4 final will be along shortly as well.