Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Scoping users to a package

Posted by Ola Hansson on

I am trying to use Lars new user widget in ad_form and I'm having some trouble getting it to work properly.

I'd like to use this cool widget to assign an owner to some object. In addition to the "owner_id" element my add/edit form has a "name" element that isn't optional... Now, when I request the form (without a key_id), enter a name, select "Search for other user..." in the pulldown and submit I get a request error because ad_form's "-new_data" block tries to insert ":other:" into my db. That is the value I submitted, of course, but somehow ad_form (or the user widget) neglects to render the user search field...

However, when I leave the name field empty in the add-form and select "Search for other user..." and hit submit a new form is rendered because name was required. This time the user search text box shows up and I can search for users as intended and fulfill the task.

I may have done something wrong when I defined my ad_form call but I can't discover it myself. Has anyone got any word of advise?

Here's my test code:

ad_form -form {

    {name:text(text)                     {label "Name"}
        {html {size 50}}}
    {owner_id:text(user)                 {label "Owner"}
        {options $users_list}                                     optional}

} -select_query {
    select name,
    from   table
    where  table_id = :table_id
} -validate {
        {[string length $name] <= 200}
        "Name may not be more than 200 characters long"
} -new_data {
    my_object::new -name $name 
        -owner_id $owner_id 
        -package_id [ad_conn package_id]
    ad_returnredirect "."
} -edit_data {
    my_object::edit -table_id $table_id 
        -name $name 
    ad_returnredirect "."