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Posted by hafeez bana on
G'Day All,

I realize this is probably not the right place to post this, but considering that there is no classifieds job sections on ACS and that most recruiters in OZ think ACS means Australian Computer Society ... this is a last resort.

I have recently parted company with my existing employer and am available to some lucky person for contract work.

Why should you hire me? Good question.

1) I wrote an ETMS/CRM/SFA system that is *the best* in the Australian Pharmaceutical industry. This product is built on top of the ACS 3.4 and has over 150,000 lines of code of which I have personally written 92%. I also built a synchronization package add on into the system that allows handheld devices to communicate with the ACS system and sync data. I released the underlying XMLRPC implementation which the sync framework uses - I couldn't release the sync framework because my company had issues with it.

2) I live in Australia. It is extremely cost effective for some one in America to hire some one in Australia considering that 1 USD = 2 AUD.

3) I have a great smile and personality. Alright so thats not really an advantage. Seriously, in the event the situation demands, I have sales experience, and a very deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.

Have a look at my resume. It has more details.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Please contact me if you have any questions,
PS : I think there is a bug in the code for formatting text to html formatter. try pasting this into the message section and click post.

My <a href="http://wwweweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee">resume< /a> has more details.
Posted by defunct defunct on
I'm not really sure this is the right place to post this. But I take your point about now jobs/recruitment section.

Does anyone know of this is planned in the new site?