Forum OpenACS Q&A: Is Tcl 8.4.0 compatable with OpenACS?

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Posted by Randy Kunkee on
The release of Tcl 8.4.0 was "officially" announced during the Tcl conference in Vancouver last week, and it was noted that Tcl 8.4 is faster in several ways, and that it is used in Aolserver 4 without any patches.

It seems desireable to move to 8.4. Does anybody know if OACS can run with Tcl8.4 without patches?

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
I haven't seen anything in TCL 8.4 that breaks OpenACS.  The real question is whether OpenACS will work with unmodified versions of the
AOLserver versions that include TCL 8.4.  Roberto has just posted a
question about this to the AOLserver list (regarding internationalization specifically).

Check out Nathan Folman's AOLserver mailing list posting from a few days ago, which was also reposted on the OpenNSD thread.

I've still not heard of anyone who's tested OpenACS with the AOLserver 4 betas in any sort of normal configuration. (i.e. non-Windows)  I'm a bit surprised by this, given that people are already discussing the need for an OpenNSD fork.  (Although I'm the first to admit that it could be necessary.)

Posted by Jeff Davis on
This just came on the AOLserver list...
AOLserver 3.5.0 is available at This version has several major improvements the Tcl library, memory management, and overall performance. Projects that already use the Tcl 8 interpreter on nsd8x can use AOLserver 3.5.0 with no changes. The Tcl library now needs to be obtained and built separately. See the README for more information.
I suggest someone abitious give it a try, I bet some things will break but it would be nice to get back onto the mainline of aolserver development.
Posted by Talli Somekh on
The good Mr. Roberto Mello has already put together some binaries of AOLserver using pre-release tcl 8.4. Dig (


Posted by Roberto Mello on
My Debian packages of AOLserver 3.3ad13 with Tcl 8.4 don't work. For some reason I get segfaults. I tried to find out why on the list but didn't get much help.

I'll just get 3.5 (after my tests this week), see what they did, see if I can get all the OpenACS-required stuff to compile with it, and if does, release new packages.

It would be great if I could release them along with 4.6. When's it slated for cut again?

Posted by Jon Griffin on
I just upgraded to AOL 3.5 and tcl 8.4 and everything has worked fine so far. After the beta release I will check on loading standard tcl packages (unless someone beats me to it).