Forum OpenACS Q&A: Deprecated procs as of 4.6

Posted by Jeff Davis on
I have marked a number of procs as deprecated for 4.6 with the intent being to start removing some of them in 4.7 (in particular the set marked -deprecated -warn). People should take a look at the list and if there are any red flags we can address them. Also, nominations for other things to deprecate are gladly accepted. In particular, we would like to remove anything that really cannot work with the current OpenACS Architecture (non Query Dispatcher db stuff for example) or shouldn't be used anymore (set_the_usual_... being a good example)

Warn if used:

    * ad_chdir_and_exec
    * ad_check_for_naughty_html
    * ad_dateentrywidget_default_to_today
    * ad_page_variables
    * database_1row_to_tcl_list
    * database_cols_to_tcl_string
    * database_to_tcl_list
    * database_to_tcl_list_list
    * database_to_tcl_string
    * database_to_tcl_string_or_null
    * do_dml_transactions
    * get_referrer_and_query_string
    * leap_year_p
    * merge_form_with_ns_set
    * nmc_GetNewIDNumber
    * nmc_IllustraDatetoPrettyDate
    * page_validation
    * post_args_to_query_string
    * remove_whitespace
    * ReturnHeadersNoCache
    * ReturnHeadersWithCookie
    * ReturnHeadersWithCookieNoCache
    * set_csv_variables_after_query
    * set_form_variables
    * set_form_variables_string_trim
    * set_form_variables_string_trim_DoubleApos
    * set_form_variables_string_trim_DoubleAposQQ
    * set_the_usual_form_variables
    * set_variables_after_query
    * set_variables_after_query_not_selection
    * set_variables_after_subquery
    * sortable_table
    * sortable_table_new_sort_order
    * string_contains_p
    * util_aolserver_2_p
    * util_just_the_digits
    * util_prepare_insert
    * util_prepare_update
    * util_prepare_update_multi_key
    * util_PrettySex
    * util_PrettySexManWoman
    * with_transaction
    * ad_acs_admin_id
    * ad_admin_present_user
    * ad_block_sql_urls
    * ad_context_bar_ws
    * ad_context_bar_ws_or_index
    * ad_export_vars
    * ad_get_user_id
    * ad_parameter
    * ad_permission_grant
    * ad_permission_p
    * ad_permission_revoke
    * ad_present_user
    * ad_privacy_threshold
    * ad_require_permission
    * ad_restrict_entire_server_to_registered_users
    * ad_set_typed_form_variable_filter
    * ad_verify_and_get_session_id
    * ad_verify_and_get_user_id
    * export_form_vars
    * general_comments::create_link
    * general_comments::get_comments
    * pa_pagination_get_total_pages
    * pa_pagination_paginate_query
    * philg_quote_double_quotes
    * proc_doc
    * site_node
    * site_node_create
    * site_node_create_package_instance
    * sub_page_validation
    * template::get_enclosing_tag
    * template::query::iterate
    * util_convert_plaintext_to_html
    * util_maybe_convert_to_html
    * util_quote_double_quotes
    * util_quotehtml
    * util_ReturnMetaRefresh
    * util_striphtml
    * validate_ad_dateentrywidget
    * validate_integer
    * validate_zip_code 
Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
Nice work, Jeff!

(I have used util_just_the_digits but see no need for it to stay in the core distribution.)

Posted by Patrick Giagnocavo on
could I make the suggestion that a "rosetta stone" document be written with suggestions for appropriate ways to replicate the behavior of valid functions?

I will offer to maintain such a document and post it into file-storage if the community thinks it is a good idea.


Posted by Jeff Davis on
I have tried to add @see NEWPROC tags (which will work in 4.6 /api-doc/)
to most of the deprecated procs so there should be a thread to
figure out what to do.  But a "how to fix it" guide would be useful.

I think we should just put it in CVS rather than file storage since
it is too easy to miss that way.  When we actually start removing things we can leave a non proc stub which could explain what to do.

Posted by Roberto Mello on

Such document would be great! It could go into the "OpenACS Systems Journal" area that I want to start on the new website.