Forum OpenACS Q&A: Left frame of calendar

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Posted by Andrew Zeon on

I want to do something very elementary but I'm not sure which file I
need to look at. If you look at the calendar, it seems to be divided
into 3 frames: the top navigational frame, the left vertical frame
which has the small calendar for the month, and then the main frame
which has the times of the day (I'm talking about the default view).
What I want to do is add some links on the left frame. Which file do
I need to look at?

Also, if this was just a static html page, then the whole page would
be called "index.html", the top frame would be another html page
called "top.html", and so on... Which file is the equivalent


Posted by Andrew Zeon on
Seems like view.adp/.tcl
Posted by Tom Jackson on

view.adp holds the outline of the calendar page. You could hack away at that. The main chunks are not in frames, just a single html output page, with the chunks generated by the calendar tcl procs.