Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to dotLRN 1.0 release planning

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on


please take a look at these two threads to get a feeling about the history of that statement (the first thread might even includes a concise answer to your question):

Also note that the technical advisory board of .LRN is made up of key OpenACS community members, so rest assured that .LRN is going to continue to be good for OpenACS and vice versa (I seriously doubt you will find any support for porting anything in that group).

View the iCampus funding as support for an independent research project at MIT (research is an important part of academic life). If Sloan eventually decides to go with a .NET based platform based on that experimentation do not expect it to be finished any time soon... and do not expect it to be called .LRN

Please keep in mind that everyone is very busy at the moment putting everything in place to get OpenACS 4.6 and dotLRN 1.0 out the door. Cleaning up the documentation and marketing information is on the todo list.