Forum OpenACS Q&A: 3.2 paypal gateway

Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
I know Roberto is working on a high-quality paypal gateway for 4.x,
but I needed one for 3.x (and I didn't see R's code in cvs to steal
and maybe backport :) so I wrote a quick and dirty one.  If this
would make your life easier, feel free to mail me and I'll send it
your way.
Posted by Roberto Mello on
Hi Jonathan,

Yes, I'm working on a PayPal module, but I am only now going back to work on it after over a month without doing anything (baby, tests).

It's been taking me a while because I have limited time and I had to refactor the e-commerce package and a couple other payment service contract packages to adapt to what I wanted to do with the PayPal package.

For clarification, the e-commerce package as is right now is hard-coded for credit card payment. Anything else won't work without a mess. So I modified it to take several different payment contracts, credit card or not, and that took some walking through some pretty ugly e-commerce code.

On the way I fixed some pages that followed the BHOH design pattern (Big Hunk of HTML), but there are many many more left in that package (something I plan to change).

So if nothing else, I'd like to take a look at _your_ package to see what I can lift from it, please :-)

Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on

I have implemented a dummy interfase to Paypal.

It doesn't use ecommerce module cuz is just one product.

Paypal interface AFAIK when I did it 4-5 months ago, should be easy to implement to you, Paypal has some examples to how to do it with shopping baskets systems.