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Posted by Lars Pind on
I'm in the process of rewriting all the custom code on

The first result of that effort is the Bookshelf package, which has
just now been added to the OpenACS cvs repository.

To check it out, say

cvs -d co openacs-

It's PostgreSQL only at this point, but people interested in porting
it should just post a reply here to say that they're going to do it,
and then start immediately :)

Looking forward to your response.


Posted by Gregor Obernosterer on
Really great!

Now that I have my domain (soon online - OpenACS of course) I will for sure add my personal collection of bioinformatics and neurobiological books... just a recommendation for all addicts Biological Sequence Analysis by R. Durbin et al.


Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

Thanks for contributing the Bookshelf package to OpenACS. Could you create the bookshelf module in SDM? I've got a couple of bugs & fixes to report.


Posted by Roberto Mello on
I added packages for both Bookshelf and ACS Persons under the SDM. I put descriptions according to what I thought the packages did, and I may have missed/over/under-estimated. Lars and Jon, take a look and tell me if it sounds all right.

Also, we really should be getting these PostgreSQL-only packages and porting them to Oracle. Now that I have a faster machine, I'll install Oracle to play with these.

Posted by defunct defunct on

Apologies for not knowing.. but what is a Bookshelf package?

Posted by Lars Pind on
Posted by John Holroyd on
Looks very exciting Lars, I know I will enjoy playing with this :)
Posted by Venkatesh Goteti on
The bookshelf package rocks :).. I have a silly question though.
every link I have on the package seems to have some sorta name like.....N/0877731934/ref%3Dnosim/pindsdotcom/ the URL. What is this? Is this some kinda referral system/ How can a non-geek take it off, if it is...if probs, then again, I was curious if someone wants to use it to manage a amazon associate section in his/her site, how do they add in their details?
Posted by Lars Pind on
There isn't any UI for this, but it's in this proc:

    ad_proc get_book_url {
        {-associate_id "pindsdotcom"}
    } {

So you can pass in a different Amazon associate ID.

I didn't bother to make a UI for this, because I figured that you really want to generalize this. What if you happen to prefer, or some other bookshop entirely.