Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: nsssl, naviserver 4.99.11, make error

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
You have to take always the matching modules version. This is why the sourceforge archive contains both, a tar file of the main naviserver release and a tar file of the matching modues. contains always the newest release. NaviServer 4.99.12 is not released yet.

Btw, starting with NaviServer 4.99.12, nsssl will be integrated with NaviServer (no separate module), which allows a tighter integration. For example, ns_http will accept http and https urls, there will be an improved crypto support, etc. The release of NaviServer 4.99.12 should happen during summer.

Posted by Benjamin Brink on
Thanks for the clarification and news about nsssl naviserver integration planned for 4.99.12.

I follow naviserver/nsssl development and think I saw a hint about the coming integration. I was so excited that even a few weeks later the memory imprint lead me to misreading the release notes for 4.99.11! LOL.