Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Sould we add acs-automated-testing into acs-core?

Thanks for the support Simon! I think you misunderstood me, I wasn't saying you can't use acs-automated-testing to test acs-core procs. It's just that I can't create a dependency on the acs-automated-testing package from the acs-lang package as long as acs-automated-testing is not part of core (we are moving acs-lang into core).

I discussed the testing issue briefly with Lars and his concern was to avoid cluttering or bloating the code base with tests especially on production systems. For example you probably don't want to run your tests on every server startup on production systems. On dev servers on the other hand I would argue that you *do* want to run the tests on server startup. To obtain a distinct and simple separation it might make sense to keep the TCL tree with the tests separate from the production TCL tree. For example we could keep TCL tests under a package-name/test directory. We could then have a ProductionSiteP parameter that indicates if those tcl files should be sourced on server startup or not.

I haven't looked into how acs-automated-testing deals with these issues yet. Any thoughts?