Forum OpenACS Development: meaning of "=>" syntax in pl/pgsql?

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
I've presumed that the construct

foo => :bar

is a pl/sql Oracleism. (See for instance

I can find no mention of this syntax in the Postgres docs: However, I see it in non-Oracle-specific code in OACS -- for instance in /packages/news/www/item-create-3.tcl and in /packages/acs-content-repository/sql/postgresql/content-schedule.sql and /packages/acs-content-repository/sql/postgresql/types-drop.sql

Are these code chunks just remnants from the factoring/porting process that should have been purged or do they mean something in postgres? If so, what?

Posted by Jeff Davis on
remnants.  The sql which is actually executed lives in the .xql
files (unless they are not there in which case it is the sql in the
.tcl file).  We have been meaning to remoce the sql from the .tcl
files but no one has done it yet.

as for the two sql/postgresql datamodel files you mention the first does not
actually execute the oracle code (though it is hard to tell) and
the second looks like it is not all the way ported.  All it means is
there are still some loose ends here and there.