Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to troubles with openfts

Posted by Kevin Lange on
Thanks for the response. I had to take two steps two steps to get search working. First the error message above was created because I had missed the step involving the aolserver config file:
ns_param nsfts   ${bindir}/
Secondly, after fixing the above I had a database error when I tried a search. After doing some searching in the forums I figured out that the problem was with the load.sql file. It was referencing Postgresql ver 7.1.3 where as mine was 7.2.1. So, changing that, and then loading it into the database got it working okay. I do have a one other question. I have a number of forums and I expected that when I did a seach it would find forum entries that matched but it didn't do so. How do I make it such that forum entries will show up when a search occurs? I'm guessing I need to link it like I did for the notes but am not sure how to do this.