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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Hi all,

can anyone briefly explain where I need to look if [ns_getform
iso-8859-15] returns a warning "no encoding found for charset
iso-8859-15". I copied the encoding files from
/usr/lib/tcl8.3/encoding (yes, I have TCL 8.3 installed as well :-))
to $AOLSERVER_HOME/lib/tcl8.3/encoding but to no avail.

Do I really need to manually add all the encodings to con8.c as
described by Henry or is there someone who already did this :-). And
would this help ?

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2: Response to iso-8859-15 (response to 1)
Posted by Michael Schlenker on
It's trivial to add the encodings (if you only need iso-8859-15).

Recompiled and restarted aolserver 3.4.2 + ad13 patches on SuSE 8.0, with iso-8859-15 default charset. Startup without complaints.

If you would like the changed conn8.c file (it's really just inserting one line...), i can mail it to you.

Or if you like somewhat unfinished rpms, i can mail you an patched SuSE 8.0 rpm aolserver-3.4.2+ad13+extra encodings file. It has some minor issues at the moment.

3: Response to iso-8859-15 (response to 1)
Posted by Tilmann Singer on

with default encoding iso-8859-15 do you mean you changed that in the conn8.c as well, or is it a configuration file setting? Also did you experience any problems with this encoding and older browsers - I would imagine that there are still a lot out there that don't know iso-8859-15 yet?

4: Response to iso-8859-15 (response to 1)
Posted by Michael Schlenker on
For a description of the setup see my last post to: bboard. I just added the encodings to conn8.c, configuration what to use is done completely in nsd.tcl. Basic Testing with some Browsers (on W2k SP2 German): Netscape 4.75 (o.k.) Lynx 2.48rel1 (17. Jul 2001) (doesn't display euro symbol, only iso8859-1) IE 5.5 (o.k) Mozilla 1.2a (o.k) I don't have anything older or major other platforms available at the moment, as far as i can see, it works. No heavy testing yet.